Breast augmentation

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Breast augmentation

is one of the most famous plastic surgery operations, all women who want to restore balance in the appearance of their bodies are looking for breast augmentation with a permanent result, we point out that silicone breast augmentation is one of the most successful methods.

Breast augmentation



surgery to change breast size is suitable for physically healthy women who have realistic expectations of the results of the operation. Breast augmentation surgery does not harm the milk ducts, so women can easily perform this surgery. 

Breast augmentation operations



are based on the patient’s choice, the use of surgical technique and the selection of the appropriate artificial product, they give a procedure without problems and completely perfect results.

Silicone prostheses



Silicone prostheses used for breast augmentation are silicone gel material placed in a bag made of silicone. Silicone is considered harmless to the body. It is also considered an inert substance, that is, it does not react chemically with tissues. Artificial fillers can be inserted into the chest area from several areas, including under the breast or armpit.

After the operation



After the operation, the patient is given a special breast corset and must stay in it for لمدة weeks, most hours of the day, as for the threads, they dissolve spontaneously.

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