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With regard to facial beauty

With regard to facial beauty, there are a lot of new technologies such as golden threads that make the appearance of the face look younger, and golden threads aim to get rid of wrinkles and are considered a cosmetic procedure without surgical intervention. In this technique, very thin gold threads are used and they are made so that it is easy for the skin to absorb them and such results remain for years.

♦There is also a surgical

There is also a surgical intervention, a facelift, where the soft tissues of the face are tightened and incisions can be made in the hairline and below the front of the ears, the patient can feel pain for which the patient is given painkillers, and in case of swelling or bruising, to reduce them, compression bandages and a corset for the face and neck are used and removed after a day or two and the corset remains for a week, and after the operation the suction hoses installed for 24 an hour are removed and the electrode gradually recovers without the need to remove them.

♦With regard to light wrinkles

With regard to light wrinkles, the most appropriate in this case is to resort to Botox, which tightens these areas and makes the face look fresher and taut, but with regard to deep local wrinkles, the most appropriate is the filler that fills these deep wrinkles and get rid of them and make the face taut and full

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