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Women suffer fromsagging breasts 

Women suffer from sagging breasts for several reasons, including weight loss or pregnancy and childbirth, so they resort to a breast lift or what is also known as a breast lift, which is a plastic surgery performed to restore sagging tissues and form tissues to keep the skin and breasts tight and high.

The breast lift operation

The breast lift operation is performed under general anesthesia, and cases with slight sagging can put a prosthesis under the breast, while those with severe sagging, excess skin is removed and a more straight and aesthetic appearance is provided.

In this operation

In this operation, the nipple is changed and moved to the desired level, the excess skin is removed and the breast is given a new aesthetic shape, and the incision marks are generally left in a mirrored L-T way below the breast.

The patient stays one night

The patient stays one night in the hospital, the drainage tubes are removed two days after the operation and then a special chest corset is used for two months.

– The doctor prescribes special creams for wounds.


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